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Kelly Limestone LLC, Company History

Kelly Limestone LLC continues the tradition of producing quality calcium products that Kelly Lime & Rock Co., Inc. started in 1959. Richard B. Kelly and Cora C. Kelly founded the company in August of 1959. They produced agricultural lime and aggregate stone for construction. Richard B. Kelly, a WW II vet, understood the use of agricultural lime in his father’s farming business. Due to the decreased demand in agricultural limestone sales on a local basis, agricultural lime demands fell drastically in the mid 1980’s when CRP came into play and many acres were taken out of production. This led to expansion into different markets of limestone sales. Richard Kelly had the insight to build a pelletizing plant to produce a number of different calcium related products. This project was expensive, time consuming and not profitable at the time. It did pay off over time and has allowed Kelly’s to develop business nationally and internationally.

On December 31, 2002, Douglas Kelly and Theresa Kelly purchased the assets of Kelly Lime & Rock Co., Inc. and formed Kelly Limestone LLC, which has carried on the tradition of producing quality calcium products. Doug & Traci Kelly are both graduates from the University of Missouri- Columbia with Bachelor degrees.

Spending almost 20 years on the road with the business, Doug has had the opportunity to expand the product line and work with many professional blenders, manufacturers, distributors and end users. With the insight of knowledge obtained from the market, Kelly’s have had the opportunity to produce a number of different calcium related products.

In early 2011, Kelly Limestone LLC will have completed a plant expansion to improve quality and flexibility of manufacturing in order to be able to custom pelletize other products for other manufacturers and blenders.

In the past 20 years of servicing the pelletized business, Kelly’s is honored to have had the opportunity to work with many superintendents, growers, farmers and horticulturalists and developing programs to meet their calcium requirements. Kelly’s are proud of the many business relationships it has built over the years and looks forward to the future.