Capsulated™ High Calcium Limestone Pellets

High Cal Lime Micro label

High Cal Lime Fairway Label

Effectively neutralizes soil acidity, significantly influencing nutrient availability.

  • Augments fertilizer availability in acid soils
  • Increases microbial activity as acidity is corrected.
  • Insures maximum nutrient availability by maintaining optimum pH levels, most favorable for plant growth.
  • Supplies required nutrients calcium and magnesium
  • Lessens availability of elements often toxic to plants in acid soils.
  • Sustains vigorous green turf.
  • Apply 2 to 4 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. to neutralize the residue from 1 lb. of applied nitrogen.
  • Apply 200 to 300 lbs. to the average yard (8,000 sq. ft.) as a good maintenance application.
  • Apply 100 lbs. per 1/10th pH correction per acre.

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